Velino range

Velino range

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Velino Glass Tumbler represents the highest quality available in glassware and would equally be at home with the best department store products in New York or Paris, clean and elegant. Our Velino candles comes with a lid and also gifted boxed.

Our wax is 100% natural soy wax, giving a beautiful clean burn. Fragranced with high quality oils.

Burn time approximately 44 hours

Weight: 300 grams

Candle care

Your first candle burn is the most important

Burn between 3 and 4 hours to ensure that the wax has melted completely to the sides of the jar, this creates a memory for the next time when alight. This prevents tunneling of your candle

.Do not burn your candle for anymore than 4 hours

Do not let candle completely burn to the bottom of the jar, this increases the chance of the glass vessel exploding.

Always leave approximately 1cm of wax in the bottom of vessel.

Ensure that the wick is trimmed to at least 5mm, before every new burn. This will eliminate mushrooming of the wick and give a clean burn


Very Vanilla 

 pineapple+coconut+vanilla bean

Vanilla Caramel 

salted caramel+coconut+tonka bean

Black raspberry vanilla 


Lemongrass & persian lime

  lime zest+lemongrass+vanilla bean

raspberry zinger 


Australian sandalwood 


Strawberry milk

  peach+strawberry+vanilla bean+rosewater

Coconut,pineapple & vanilla 

 pineapple+lemon zest+coconut +iris+vanilla

Japanese honeysuckle